Strike against GM enters 8th day

The battle goes on. The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against General Motors (GM) enters its second week, as Monday marks the eighth day since 49,000 auto workers have been off the job. The two sides are at a stalemate over new contract negotiations.

Workers are pushing for a larger slice of profit from GM after their four-year contract with the company expired last week.

UAW spokesman Brian Rothenberg told The Associated Press that the two sides are “still talking.”

The high-profile strike has political leaders from both sides of the aisle weighing in, with President Trump pressuring GM to get a deal with the union completed.

Several leading 2020 Democratic candidates, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and former Vice President Joe Biden, have sided with striking workers.

“GM is demonstrating that it has no loyalty to workers in America …. Their only loyalty is to their bottom line, and if they can save a nickel by moving jobs to Mexico or to Asia or anywhere else on this planet, they will do it,” Warren said Sunday as she joined striking workers at a GM plant in Detroit, according to the AP.

Biden on Sunday met with autoworkers in Kansas City, Kan., as they picketed, according to the AP.

Trump is pushing GM to quickly get a deal done and have the dispute end before it drags on much longer. Trump decried GM last year when it shut down a production plant in Ohio, who campaigned on a promise to restore manufacturing jobs to the state and the Midwest.

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